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  • BABY WILL NEED A LOT OF COAL SOME DAY (Publicity / Picture Research 1954-2013 | 5 images)
  • 2013
  • assemblage
  • advertisement, colored silicone stickers
  • 120x70cm
  • Kerstin Weichsel

Baby will need a lot of coal some day.

Girl or boy? One thing’s for certain: coal will be one of the most important source of energy also for this new arrival. This is why our subsidiary Rheinbraun is going to continue to invest in lignite and hard coal. By which the company achieves good earnings, contrary to common prejudice. What other reason should one have to put so much time and energy into the development of coal? For more information call 0130-91 56 56.

RWE Energie, Rheinbraun, RWE-DEA, RWE Entsorgung, LAHMEYER, RWE Telliance,

Hochtief RWE Die Zukunftsgruppe (RWE is a German power provider: Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk, Rhine-Westphalia Electric Utilities)

RWE Energie, ad in German magazine DER SPIEGEL, p. 250/251, Nr. 42/1997