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  • THE COW TODAY; YOU TOMORROW (Puplicity / Picture Research 1954-2013 | 5 images)
  • 2013
  • assemblage
  • advertisement, colored silicone stickers
  • 120x70cm
  • Kerstin Weichsel

The cow today; you, tomorrow.

In Nordenham on the lower Weser river, northern Germany, several cows died of toxic emissions from a lead works.

In Japan, people die of mercury poisoning. Fishing grounds are polluted by the industry with mercury sewage. Apart from Japan, West Germany is the country with the worst air pollution. Domestic heating, industrial and commercial combustion plants and the exhaust pipes of some 20 million West German cars are emitting millions of tons of exhaust fumes every year.

Eight million tons of carbon monoxide. In higher concentrations it can cause respiratory paralysis and death. Four million tons of sulfur dioxide. Combined with the atmospheric humidity, it forms highly corrosive sulfuric acid. Three million tons of hydrocarbons. They cause cancer. Two point five million tons of nitric oxides. They destroy lung tissue. Three point five million tons of soot and dust. They contribute to the formation of cancer. How long will we still be able to breathe?

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DIE ZEIT—Others give you the facts, too. We get to the bottom of them.

Advertisement for DIE ZEIT ( German newspaper) in MERIAN, p. 102/103, XXVI-12, 1973