Saturday, 4. April 2020 SOCIAL DISTANCING social design
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING social design
  • 2020
  • installation / photography
  • size variable
  • Kerstin Weichsel

There are people in vital professions—right now—who cannot keep a distance of 2 meters. 200 cm: that`s about the length of two extended arms; that´s 50 cm longer than a tailor´s tape measure. YOU can help yourself and others: just take a piece of barrier tape of appropriate length—a sense of proportion is enough—it doesn`t … Continued

Wednesday, 10. August 2016 REVOLUTION
  • 2016
  • installation
  • from Burkina Faso: handspun yarn and handwoven stripes of fabric, indigo-dyed. Historical folding chair, hanger / b/w scan "The Gandhi spinning wheel", text / plastic bottle, barrier tapes with text
  • 245x245x8 cm / 360x310 cm
  • Kerstin Weichsel
Monday, 8. August 2016 REVOLUTION
  • 2016
  • installation
  • display dummy, burnt dresses, feathers, fox fur earmuffs, plastic bag, b/w copy: Eugène Delacroix "Liberty Leading the People" (detail),
  • 30x75x300
  • Kerstin Weichsel
Wednesday, 29. July 2015 HOLY
  • HOLY
  • 2015
  • Installation
  • display dummy, sand, cardboard box, drinking water in plastic pots
  • 100 x 100 x 82 cm
  • Kerstin Weichsel

The largest reservoirs of water are our oceans. The sun’s energy heats the water, part of it condenses. Condensation creates vapor which rises into the atmosphere. As precipitation, the water travels back into streams and rivers and on into the seas. On dry land, it recharges the groundwater table. The hydrologic cycle works just fine … Continued