Beyoncé 4,95

  • ULTIMATE DISPOSAL (Publicity / Picture Research 1954-2013 | 5 images)
  • 2013
  • assemblage
  • newspaper article, DISNEY collectible sticker, colored silicone stickers
  • 120x70cm
  • Kerstin Weichsel

Ultimate Disposal

Cheer up! You can be afraid of a lot of things, spiders and weirdoes being most tangible reasons for disconcertment. Fearing other things, like the end of the world, is a bit more difficult for the majority of us, except if you’re American and as such on personal terms with the apocalypse (cf. on page 25). Also, the one million years that our nuclear waste will need to cool down is a rather abstract concept for most people actually …

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG (German newspaper), detail of title page, 10.4. 2013