Starring Nicki Minaj

  • 2015
  • digital photography
  • size variable
  • Kerstin Weichsel

Seen in Amsterdam, February 2015. It’s a balancing act that we’re being shown here. A provocative rap star poses for the new advertising campaign of an exclusive fashion label so as to (mutually) increase awareness. What else is there? Well, try assuming her posture: put on the high-heel strappy sandals, shift your full weight on your right leg, out with the hip. Now cross your left foot behind the other as if you’re about to run off, turn your head sharply to the right and grab the seam of your robe with your right arm to lift it up as high as possible—take a deep breath, don’t flinch! And for the fluttering effect we’d also need a wind machine. It can easily take a couple of hours until the picture is in the can exactly the way they want it. And if it doesn’t quite work out, they can just put together the individual elements on the computer.