Bambiland Gaga

  • 2014
  • digital photography
  • size variable
  • Kerstin Weichsel

Seen in Berlin and Hamburg, November/December 2014. Centerpiece of the world—the magical sum of $5000 is what it costs to ship, say, 25.000 pairs of sneakers from Shanghai to Rotterdam, so the freight costs for one pair are just a few cents. The ‘can-do’ box of world trade is the 20 ft shipping container. 18,000 of these containers fit on a jumbo cargo ship which is about as long as three football fields. An entire fleet of them, and others, is moving about 90% of the global flow of goods. Now this fleet isn’t just beaming itself from A to B but it chugs for weeks across the seven seas. The oceans are our most important ecosystem—an irreplaceable gift of nature. Imagine this: a yearly transfer of a nine-digit figure of containers (1), filled with all kinds of commodities: strawberries, iPods, T‑shirts, cosmetics, rubber duckies, aggressive acids … just think of the fuel needed for shipping all that, and of the carbon dioxide emissions. And then there is the “acoustic pollution”, threatening the lives of marine mammals and other animals—what does your heart say to this?

German(1) http://www.zukunft-mobilitaet.net/69538/binnenschifffahrt-seeschifffahrt/wie-viele-container-fallen-ins-meer/